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Take advantage of 10% off sitewide!
Take advantage of 10% off sitewide!

Touchless Faucets: A Blend of Hygiene and Technology

In today's world, where hygiene and convenience are paramount, touchless faucets have emerged as a game-changer in both residential and commercial settings. These innovative fixtures use motion sensors to start and stop the flow of water, providing a hands-free experience that reduces the spread of germs and simplifies daily routines. 
Here are three major benefits of going touchless:
Enhanced Hygiene
The most significant advantage of touchless faucets is their ability to minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses. Since there's no need to touch the faucet with dirty hands, the risk of cross-contamination is greatly reduced, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.
Water Conservation
Touchless faucets are designed to dispense water only when needed, eliminating unnecessary water wastage. This efficiency is not only good for the environment but also helps reduce your water bills.  $$$$$
Ease of Use and Accessibility
These faucets are incredibly user-friendly, making them suitable for children, the elderly, and those with mobility issues. The hands-free operation ensures that anyone can use the faucet with ease, promoting independence and comfort.
In those high touch restrooms, touchless faucet's become even more important.  We are proud to represent some of the leaders in the commercial touchless space.  Shop today!

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