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Take advantage of 10% off sitewide!
Take advantage of 10% off sitewide!

Time to jump on the blog train! Plusco Supply is here!

It's time to finally jump into the ecommerce game! Plusco Supply has been in business since 1979, and now the digital marketplace will have access to our wholesale prices and stock of thousands of sku's. With the new ecommerce platform, we can utilize this as a great compliment to our existing B2B MRO (maintenance repairs operation) business. With have a strong foothold in the plumbing supply sector, with our extensive collection of commercial lines like Sloan, Chicago Faucets, T&S Brass, Zurn and more. You can shop from anywhere on our mobile site, including from one of our comfortable Bemis seats! We'll be sharing news, information, and other resourceful articles to keep you tuned into plusco supply. Thanks for your support as we continue to grow! #sloan #zurn #faucets #watercloset #toilet #plumbingparts #plumbing#facilitymaintenance #hospitals #hotels #Universities #colleges #municiplaities #wholesale
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